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Read on to learn about the invisalign® professional whitening system powered by Opalescence™

Whiten your teeth at any point in your treatment journey.

Don’t try it yourself with teeth whitening strips or whitening toothpaste. Choose professional treatment supervised by a dentist with the Invisalign® Professional Whitening System.

Professional whitening should always be prescribed by your treating doctor due to the risks associated with the tooth sensitivity and gum irritation that can occur. Enjoy reliable results from a dentist-led treatment option.

Whether you are in Invisalign treatment or post-treatment with Vivera Retainers, this could be a great teeth whitening option for you. Swipe across to learn more about the options that may apply to you.

Child smiling wearing clear aligners Invisalign - UK

Currently in Invisalign® treatment

The Invisalign® Professional Whitening system is specifically optimised for use with your clear aligners.

This home teeth whitening, monitored by your dentist, fits in perfectly with your Invisalign® journey, with no extra trays, sensitising gels or UV treatments required.

Even if you have attachments, the solution will penetrate through the composite bonding to work from the Inside out.

You don’t have to wait until your treatment is over for a whiter smile.

Using Vivera retainers

The Invisalign® Professional Whitening System is expertly designed and Optimised for use with Vivera retainers as well as our clear aligners, so the choice of when to begin teeth whitening is entirely up you.

You can choose professionally supervised teeth whitening that works Even as you keep your new Invisalign® smile in place